Certified mobile steam wash USA style 🇺🇸 🌎 certified environmental protection low water consumption KILLS 99% of BACTERIA123£

We clean with steam - wet, dry, inside and outside. Steam cleaning eliminates harmful pathogens - it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms. We focus on ecology. Thanks to the technology used, we only use 12 liters of water to thoroughly wash one car. In addition, we clean, among others carpets, upholstery, facades and monuments. We use professional cleaning and care products for all types of materials.

Mobile Karcher Steam 35£/24h

Mobile Karcher steam vacuum service/hire, 35£/24h, powder included, free delivery in Stratford. Certified mobile steam machine,USA designed,environment friendly,low water usage,kills 99% bacteria


Ozonation, 5£/m2,

Furniture assembling123£

Furniture assembling, 123£,

Small VAN £ 25 per hour

Our most popular transport car. It is able to transport everyday items, transport small and medium items from stores.

Large VAN £ 35 per hour

When you have a very large load and our small van is not able to help you, a medium-sized transport car comes to the rescue.

Luton VAN £ 50 per hour

The most popular during removals is the irreplaceable luton van. The loading area will hold all your belongings.

Extra person to carry £ 10 per hour

When you don't have people to help with moving. We offer you additional hands for work. Thanks to our qualified employees, moving will be done in the blink of an eye.

Container 3 sqrt £ 40 / month

If for any reason you need storage space for your belongings, we offer a container for rent. This is an ideal way to store things and you also have continuous access to it.

Rubish Collection13 £ /za meter square meter

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