Question 1: If I pay per whole hours then please tell me how much should I pay for 3.5 hours? The same like for 3 or for 4 hours?

Answer: 3.5 hours

Question 2: What precision is the time taken to complete a task?

Answer: Every 15 minutes.

Question 3: From when is the task counted?

Answer: The execution time begins when the driver leaves the workshop in BUSINESS PARK industrial estate Langley farm (in Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire). He also ends up returning to the same place.

Question 4: Is the delay of the payer added to the time of the order?

Answer: Yes it is.

Question 5: How the driver counts the time of return from me to start place in Langley farm?

Answer: Using Google Maps.

Question 6: Are the car and my staff have got insurance?

Answer: Yes, the car and load have business insurance.

Question 7: No one in the industry can help me with load and unload my staff. How about RS MAN AND VAN's driver?

As the only one in the industry we help the customer when loading and unloading goods.

Question 8: Can I order your services during the weekend?

Answer: Yes we are on the phone whole weekend.

Question 9: In what area does the company provide services?

Answer: mostly only in Warwickshire and in neighborhood. What means the neighborhood depends on individual negotiations. So just call us.

Question 10: Urgently needs transportation. Could You say me in few words what is the level of prices in Your company?

Our prices are unrivaled. If the customer would like to point out that only we help carry the customer’s things, it is possible in this context that we are unrivaled in terms of price and quality of services provided.

As you can easily see the transport and moving offer of RS MAN AND VAN positively distinguishes itself against the competition.

So what next? Do not delay, grab the handset and call 075 412 44 818